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BTech Managing Partner Presents “BTech Studio”

to Chamber of Commerce & Industry Tirana

On 28-March-2023, The head of the company, Kreshnik Skenderi was invited to present at the Chamber of Commerce & Industry Tirana the use of technology for  your business in Cloud, as a safe and low-cost solution. Also, he introduced the latest product of BTech, “BTech Studio”. A revolutionary accounting and consulting services from BTech Studio with the best FinTech systems in the market.

BTech Managing Partner Presents "BTech Studio" to Chamber of Commerce & Industry Tirana

On a recent occasion at the Chamber of Commerce & Industry Tirana, Kreshnik Skenderi, the managing partner of BTech, presented on the importance of technology in today’s world and how customized and centralized software solutions can benefit any type of business. He highlighted the advantages of using cloud-based solutions, which are more reliable and secure than traditional systems.

BTech Studio – Accounting and consulting services

Skenderi also introduced BTech Studio, a new initiative by BTech that offers accounting services with a unique approach. BTech Studio will provide free software solutions to every business, allowing them to use BTech’s systems to help with their daily operations. In addition to these systems, BTech Studio will offer professional accounting services, financial reporting, and advice to businesses. The cost of these services will be similar to what businesses would pay a standard accounting firm.

This innovative approach allows businesses to save money by using BTech’s systems for free, while still receiving the same high-quality accounting services they would receive from a traditional accounting firm. The BTech team will work with each business to ensure that the software solutions are tailored to their specific needs and requirements.

BTech Studio is a significant step towards BTech’s mission of providing cutting-edge technology solutions to businesses of all sizes. The company is committed to delivering innovative and reliable solutions to help businesses thrive in today’s competitive landscape. With BTech Studio, businesses can benefit from both technology and professional accounting services, all at a cost-effective price.

In conclusion

BTech’s presentation at the Chamber of Commerce & Industry Tirana highlighted the importance of technology in today’s world and showcased an innovative initiative to provide businesses with cost-effective accounting and consulting services through BTech Studio. With this initiative, BTech is once again demonstrating its commitment to helping businesses grow and succeed.

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