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Microsoft Dynamics Business Central (NAV)

Welcome to our blog, where we talk about both business and technology. We’ll show you how these two things work together. Our articles will help you understand how a special tool called Microsoft Dynamics Business Central (NAV) can make businesses better. It’s like a superhero for businesses. We’ll share easy-to-read stories about new tech and smart ways to do business. Let’s learn and explore how Business Central (NAV) can make businesses even more awesome in the future!

Digitalize your Business

In today’s world, technology is advancing at a breakneck pace, and businesses must keep up with the times to stay competitive. One significant way to do this is by digitalizing your business processes…

Kreshnik Skenderi, Europe House, Blue Economy, Technology SME

BTech's Manager gives a Lecture

Kreshnik Skenderi, Managing Partner of BTech, gave a lecture on cloud-based solutions for SMEs as part of the “SMART ADRIA Blue Growth” project, highlighting the benefits of flexibility, scalability, and accessibility.

Tech for Business

On a recent occasion at the Chamber of Commerce & Industry Tirana, Kreshnik Skenderi, the managing partner of BTech, presented on the importance of technology in today’s world and how customized…

Digitalize your Business with Microsoft Dynamics Business Central

From Tradition to Digitalization

In a world where technology is rapidly evolving and digitalization is becoming increasingly important, business transformation is a critical step to stay competitive. One of the most powerful tools to achieve this transformation is…

Artificial Inteligence

Analyse AI in Business Central

BTech Company, a leading technology company, has conducted a thorough review of the new and potential features of Artificial Intelligence (AI) in Dynamics Business Central. They have discovered remarkable…

Digitalize your Business with Microsoft Dynamics Business Central

Mastering ERP Implementation

Join us as we uncover the strategies that pave the way for a successful ERP implementation journey with Business Central, enabling companies to unlock…..

Digitalize your Business with Microsoft Dynamics Business Central

Boosting Business Decisions with Data Analytics

Businesses need to depend on data analytics in order to extract valuable information and make well-informed choices. This article will explore the significance of…

Digitalize your Business with Microsoft Dynamics Business Central

Enhancing Financial Management with Business Central

Discover how Microsoft’s Business Central software revolutionizes financial management for businesses. With streamlined accounting processes and automation, businesses can….


PSD3: Enhancing financial services in the EU. What about Albania?

The European Commission’s proposals for PSD3 and PSR aim to modernize PSD2 and promote innovation, competition, and consumer protection in financial services…

An office setting showcasing a diverse team of professionals engaged with advanced digital technology, featuring large screens displaying data analytics and cloud computing interfaces, symbolizing the concept of digital transformation

Choose Your Digital Partner

In Albania, choosing the right digital transformation partner is crucial. BTech stands out as a premier provider, integrating Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central…

International Labour Day 1st of May. By BTech

AI and the future of labour

Explore how AI is transforming the future of labour, with a focus on Business Central’s latest developments and BTech’s innovative strategies…